Ureck-a-thon 3.0

Ureck-a-thon 3.0

Hackathon Timeline

Registration starts

04 February 2023

06:00 PM IST

Registration ends

24 February 2023

06:00 PM IST

Hackathon starts

24 February 2023

09:00 PM IST

Hackathon ends

26 February 2023

10:00 PM IST

Results announced

28 February 2023

08:00 PM IST

Talks and other events

Simplifying Product Development

In collaboration with Ureckon, UEM Kolkata
Hosted by Suvra Shaw and Snehomoy Maitra, Co-Leads of GDSC UEM Kolkata


19 February 2023

04:00 PM IST

Understanding Dapps

Webinar presented by the representatives of Dapps.co, organized by GDSC UEM Kolkata in collaboration with Ureckon, UEM Kolkata.


23 February 2023

08:00 PM IST

Unwrapping UX Design

Join to learn about the world where he designs and manages the user experience of large-scale products!


25 February 2023

11:30 AM IST